Heathdale flower 16th November 2023

A Time of Generosity

Our Year 5-6 Choir recently performed at the launch of Kmart's Wishing Tree Appeal at Pacific Werribee, embodying our commitment to developing the God-given gifts and talents of our students for the betterment of our world.

Heathdale flower

On Wednesday, in a heartwarming display of community spirit, our Year 5-6 Choir had the opportunity to perform at the launch of the Wishing Tree Appeal for Kmart at Pacific Werribee. With voices filled with joy, the young performers sang carols and took turns reading Bible passages, sharing the timeless story of the birth of Christ.

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal is Australia’s largest and longest-running gift collection drive. It supports children, adults, seniors and families who are unable to afford gifts at Christmas and at a time beyond Christmas. With more than 760,000 children currently living in poverty, Kmart alongside The Salvation Army are once again working together to give hope to Australians who may be struggling with homelessness, illness or even family crisis.

The choir’s involvement in this event not only marked a festive start to the holiday season but also underscored our College's enduring commitment to instilling the values of generosity and service in our students. Beyond the festive cheer, the performance served as a reminder of the profound impact that each individual, regardless of age, can have on the lives of others.

At Heathdale, we believe in cultivating a commitment to developing the God-given gifts and talents of our students for the betterment of our world and for God’s glory. The 5-6 Choir's involvement in the Christmas Tree Appeal exemplifies our dedication to nurturing compassionate hearts and inspiring a sense of responsibility towards others.

As the Christmas season approaches, we look forward to witnessing more instances of our students using their talents for the benefit of others. We are committed to guiding our students on a journey where their gifts are not just honed for personal success but are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

If you would like to donate to the Wishing Tree Appeal, check out the Kmart website for more details.