Heathdale flower 13th December 2023

A Special Christmas Poem

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season with a heartfelt Christmas poem shared by Yvonne Harvey. The enchanting words were recently recited at Celebration Night and are now a gift for you to share with your children.

Heathdale flower

What a joy last week's celebrations were with the K-6 children. Thank you so much for your attendance and clear delight at the children and staff’s efforts to showcase their talents and God’s grace throughout the year.

After telling you all about how I would like a Lamborghini for Christmas, I was amused and delighted to receive three HotWheels Lamborghini's the very next morning!

Every year at home on Christmas Eve, one of the poems we read as a family is ‘The Night Before Christmas’. I thought this newsletter I would copy the poem I read to you at the Celebration Nights (some of you heard this many times!) in case you wanted to have a special Christmas poem to read to your child this year:

"Listen, little ones, with joy aglow,
I have a big dream, amongst your wonderful Christmas celebration show.
There's so much to do, so much to explore,
In this festive season, and a whole lot more.

You all look like Christmas angels, shining stars in the night,
But you might be Christmas elfs with a little mischief under the moonlight.
I hope over Christmas you help mum and dad, whipping up a feast so divine,
And I thank you for being on stage, singing carols, voices entwine.

Build gingerbread houses, stone upon stone,
Take time over the holidays to play nicely with your siblings including a loving tone.
Teach donkeys to read, sculpt angels from clay,
In Bethlehem's stable, find your own way.

Sing carols, cook cookies, send your prayers through the sky,
Know the stars, give gifts like the Wise Men, and bring the excitement level high.
In this Christmas world, I still wish you could experience the snow,
Nonetheless a big dream awaits, as lights of Bethlehem still glow.

As we come to the end of your year remember the nativity scene, full of joy and cheer,
Adventures still await, some for next year, some near.
This year you might have faced challenges, or come in last place,
But I have seen you try so hard with a heart full of faith, and a smile on your face.

Don’t forget to thank your teachers under the Bethlehem star's gaze,
Journey slowly like the donkey and giving yourself and your friends lots of praise.
Enjoy starry skies, dance in your parents proud glow,
Whether near the manger or out on holidays you go.

Whatever you do, wherever you roam,
In this Christmas dream, take time to relax and unwind together, wherever is home.
It's exciting, it's supreme, it's a holiday dream,
Where I pray you love Jesus, the reason for the gleam.

He was born as a baby to bring hope we know for sure that’s true,
Bringing joy to all folk like Christmas morning dew.
Jesus died for your sins, making all things new,
You can trust in His words, they're faithful and true.

Walk with Him, talk with Him, in this festive array,
Follow King Jesus, the life, truth, and the way.
At Heathdale we care for you so much, we hope this Christmas, you know,
We will keep cheering you on, as in the Bethlehem glow you go.

And whatever you do, wherever you start,
We pray you love Jesus with all of your heart.
In this Christmas tale, may to all your joy impart,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all what a good start!"

All that is left to bring this year to a wrap is my thanks to you. May God bless you with rest and good cheer at this special Christmas time. I will look forward to partnering with you in 2024!