Heathdale flower 31st March 2022

A Prayer of Gratitude

Join us as we pray and reflect with thanksgiving on the first school term of 2022.

Heathdale flower

To Our Glorious Father, Creator and Maker of all things,

We want to pause before the upcoming Easter season and thank you for the year so far.

We thank you for a term filled with normalcy and routine. For a full term of on campus learning. We thank you for the return of the ebbs and flows of the normal school day. For the fun of Swimming Carnivals and Athletics Days. For going on excursions and adventures outside of school grounds, and the return of school camps. For our Musical and recitals, and the wonder of creating through arts and food. For all these things that colour our school year and create excitement and lasting memories for staff and students alike.

We give you thanks for these different events with a sense of gratitude that feels stronger after the last few years of uncertainty.

We also acknowledge the feeling many of us staff, students and parents have in the back of our heads: that these good things could change in an instant. The wariness that the future is so unpredictable, ever-changing, and the scariness that thought can bring with it. In these thoughts, we remember to look to you and remember the stories of the Bible, like when you guided your people through a desert of unknown, providing for them daily with the food and water they needed. We remember that nothing ever takes you by surprise, and we can find comfort in knowing you are in control.

Father God, we thank you for what has come so far this year and we look to you with anticipation for what is yet to come.


If you have any prayer requests, please contact our Pastoral Care team at prayer@heathdale.vic.edu.au.