Heathdale flower 23rd July 2021

A Prayer for our Nation & School

Join us in prayer for our nation and community.

Heathdale flower

Almighty God, creator of the heavens and earth, we humbly come before you seeking your grace, strength, wisdom and light. Lord, we love you and we ask that you hear our prayers.

We pray for this great nation. A land of drought and flooding plains. We pray for both its leaders and citizens, for all people that call Australia home. Lord protect this land and its people. From the least to the greatest, may we all come to know Jesus, whose precious sacrifice has brought people from all cultures and ethnicities to him.

Father we pray for the state of Victoria, for our leaders and health officials. We pray that you continue to provide them with courage, wisdom, integrity and grace. Lord we lift up our local businesses to you, we pray that you will meet their daily needs and that the community will surround them with grace and generosity.

Lord, we pray for our school, its students and the wider community. We pray for all our students from Kinder through to Year 12 who have done a remarkable job in the face of great challenges. We pray you will sustain their efforts and that they would know how special they are in your sight. We uplift to you our amazing parents and guardians. That they will experience your peace at this time. Give them the strength to endure as they care, educate and protect their children. Lord, we also pray for our leaders, teachers and staff who have continued to strive to fulfil Heathdale’s purpose of helping students achieve their God-given potential through a Christian education during these tough months. Continue to guide and shape their path to serve our students in the best way possible.

Lord we ask all these things in the powerful name of our Savior and friend, Jesus Christ, amen.