Heathdale flower 25th November 2021

A Prayer for Finishing Well

Join us in prayer as we edge closer to the end of the school year for 2021.

Heathdale flower

Father God, as we approach the end of the school year, we come to you in obedience and need. We ask for the enabling grace of your Holy Spirit to help us complete the tasks we need to with a sense of joy and hope.

Thank you that we can look ahead, knowing we are much loved sons and daughters operating in your grace, love and strength. Help us to be kind and gracious to one another. Show us opportunities in this Advent Season to show your love, to exalt your name and to let others know of the hope we carry.

Give us a sense of discernment of the struggles and challenges many have faced and have needed to battle through. Help us be an agent of understanding, with insight above what is usually ours, so we know with a surety that we carry the presence of Jesus, and above all else our needs are met in Him.

Thank you we can approach the throne of grace boldly. Thank you that we know your love is never ending, your grace is extended, and your mercy is new every morning. This is the hope we carry and are asked to share.

Joy to the World for the coming Christ. Glory to your name, Jesus. Amen.