Heathdale flower 13th September 2023

A Prayer for Deepened Friendships

Join us as we pray for strong, positive friendships for students at school.

Heathdale flower

Our Heavenly Father,

We ask you to guide us in our relationships with one another as we go about our school journey. We ask that you teach us about friendship with one another.

We know how important it is to build positive relationships with our classmates, but sometimes it can be difficult, and things can go wrong. Show us what a good friend looks like. Help us to be caring and compassionate, to encourage our friends and look out for them when they are having a bad time. Help us to love the diversity of our fellow classmates and celebrate their diverse perspectives and experiences.

Father, help our school to be a place where everyone feels like they belong; where everyone can feel safe to be who you have created them to be, and where we can grow lasting and meaningful friendships.

We pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you have any prayer requests, please contact our Pastoral Care team at prayer@heathdale.vic.edu.au.