Heathdale flower 16th February 2023

A New Year of Learning

With many learning opportunities to look forward to in 2023, it's important that students are prepared for the day! Some reminders about sun safety and upcoming school photos will help you prepare as we continue in the new school year.

Heathdale flower

We’ve enjoyed welcoming back our students from the summer break and settling into another year of learning. Already we’ve had students out on exciting excursions to the Supreme Court and the Jewish Museum with plenty more to come, including both Year 12 and Year 7 Camps this term.

Hats are a must at this time of year for sun safety and it’s vital that every student has one with them for recess and lunchtime. We recommend that students have two hats – one in their bag and one in their locker – to ensure they are never without this much needed item! Three styles of navy hats are available at Noone, but a plain navy broadbrimmed hat is often easy to source at the larger department stores locally if you need one in a hurry.

Photo Day is coming up very soon and parents are asked to refer to the letter from our Secondary Office for all the details of dates and expectations around student uniform. Please be aware that excess makeup and intricate hairstyles are not required for the day – a neat, well-dressed and tidy student is all that is necessary for a great photo day. We still expect students to adhere to our regular expectations around hair, makeup, nails and jewellery, even if they are having their photo taken.