Heathdale flower 01st April 2021

A Language Record

Another Education Perfect World Championships have come and gone, and Heathdale students have set another high bar.

Heathdale flower

Students at Heathdale use Education Perfect to learn and revise vocabulary and grammar for all three languages taught at Heathdale; Chinese, French and Latin. Any work they did using this program during the duration of the championships (from March 16th-23rd) earned students points.

Last year, we reached the heights of finishing 14th overall in Victoria, scoring 102, 477 points for the week. But this was during remote learning, so we knew that it was going to take a big effort to go close to that this year. However, with lots of hard work from students at school and during homework, not only did we beat last year’s record, we smashed it, scoring 178,472 points, to earn us 7th place in Victoria.

Some other noteworthy statistics were:

- Heathdale finished 27th overall in Australia, and 42nd globally

- 1st in Victoria for Latin (2nd year in a row)

- 4th in Victoria for French

Individually there were also many noteworthy performances. Our top three students, all Year 7s, achieved the Emerald Award for finishing with over 5000 points. These students were:

- 1st Shanae B (6366 points)

- 2nd Katarina K (5849 points)

- 3rd Clark H (5232 points)

We also had nine students achieve the Gold Award for achieving more than 3000 points. These students were:

- Chloe C (Year 10)

- Alister G (Year 8)

- Kezia J (Year 6)

- Daniel D (Year 8)

- Adhiraj A (Year 7)

- Noah K (Year 7)

-Chloe M (Year 10)

-Akhil G (Year 7)

-Shreya S (Year 7)

Our students also achieved 7 Silver Awards, 26 Bronze Awards (compared to 13 in 2020) and 39 Credit Awards (up from 17 in 2020)

All in all, a lot of fun was had, a lot of Chinese, French and Latin learnt, and some lasting language habits formed!