Heathdale flower 02nd August 2023

A Force to be Reckoned With: Year 4 Students Embracing Science

Our Year 4 students got a taste of what Science Week will be like when they had a very exciting Science Day incursion exploring force and motion. Hear about it directly from our students!

Heathdale flower

At Heathdale Christian College, our students love learning about science. In Year 4, they broaden their understanding of forces and learn about interactions that occur with different materials. This week, the Year 4 students had a wonderful time in their science incursion this week, where they delved deeper into topics like force and motion to complement their classroom learning.

We hope you enjoy hearing a recount of the special Science Day, all told from students in 4C!

“Yesterday I had the best Science Day ever, and I am sure everyone would agree. Who wouldn't agree? The answer is nobody. It was as fun as winning a gold medal! Not that I have yet. In science we have been learning about forces. That is the whole reason we had the first Year 4 Science Day. I was so excited the night before, that I couldn't even sleep.” (Alana M.)

“The first brain stretching thing we did was join in an incursion called Hands on Science. Our presenter was called Alex, who was as smart as a trillion owls working together. We had four main topics: Magnetism, Friction, Inertia and Gravity.” (Nathaniel Z.)

“We did six experiments all about forces. My favourite experiment was about Magnetism. The magnetism experiment was putting a magnet under a plastic container that held tiny metal pieces. The magnet made the metal spike up! We even made a magnet spring.” (Zoe B.)

“We did two experiments on Friction. One was when we had six discs with different bottoms, and we saw which had the most friction than the others. The other experiment was with a soccer ball.” (Ishan T.)

“After snack, Mrs Dent challenged us to make a Rube Goldberg machine. We learnt that Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist and an inventor who never actually tried his inventions. So, I took Mrs Dent’s challenge to make one, and I worked with my friend Shanaya. We didn't finish it in time, but it worked. I felt so happy because the Science Day was so phenomenal.” (Claire D.)

In Primary, we are thrilled about our upcoming Science Week, starting on Monday, August 14th! This eagerly awaited time of learning promises a myriad of exciting opportunities for our students to delve into the world of science. Engaging displays and interactive activities await, providing a hands-on learning experience for all. Our older students, in particular, will be captivated by a fascinating science show presented by none other than the renowned Professor Bunsen. Be sure to stay tuned as we unveil more exciting details about this much-anticipated Science Week!