Heathdale flower 05th September 2019

A Father’s Heart – Thanks to all our dads!

Through our Father's Day Celebrations we were reminded of how great our Heavenly Father is.

Heathdale flower

We do hope every dad enjoyed their special day last weekend. Our students had a wonderful time choosing gifts for their dads and special persons last week. I visited the stall and thanked the parents helping out for the day. What I did notice was how carefully our students thought about and chose their gifts, as they considered what their dad would like to receive. Father’s Day is a great time to remember all dads, those champions who encourage us to try our very best, or cheer us on from the sidelines of our sporting games. They hear us read at home and help us with our homework. Our dads may also remind us that, ‘You can do this, and I will be there for you’.

In fact this is just like our Heavenly Father’s message to us every day. For God demonstrates how much He loves us when every new day’s dawn arrives. Or when the sun goes down faithfully each evening for us to rest at night. This is one of the ways God tells us that He loves constantly and has made a beautiful world full of new life for us to enjoy every single day.

Our Heavenly Father created us to enjoy these times of precious family life. Here are a couple of quotes to enjoy about fatherhood.

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. (Billy Graham)

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. (Unknown author)

What a wonderful truth to know that God showed his own Father’s love to us by sending Jesus to be our Saviour and by giving us the best book in the world to map our life by. His Word, our Bible is meant to be read over and over again, and enthrals and inspires us at each turn of the page and understanding of the story.

At school we read this book together and show our students God’s love for us through the telling of the stories contained. Perhaps this week you can ask your child to sit with you and read again some of those inspiring Gospel stories that give us our value in God’s sight. Every one of us needs to hear that story, every day for a whole life time!


We have two upcoming worthwhile opportunities to support some very good causes.

The first is a sausage sizzle for Prep to Year 4 students on Wednesday 18th September, organised by our Senior student leaders for our Ping- Pong-a-thon. We have been so thrilled that our student organisers have already raised over $15,000 and the amount is still climbing. Well done to the whole team, but they have their sights set on a far higher goal. It is hoped all money raised will bring practical support to enable children in poorer communities to remain in school longer and receive a broad education for a much brighter future. Envelopes for ordering should have arrived via your child’s school bag this week.

The second is our annual Operation Christmas Child fundraiser where students, families and staff work together to construct shoe boxes as gifts for children around the world. Classes will be involved in working together to assemble boxes giving our students firsthand experience in helping in a very practical way. Thank you for your kind support in this important venture.

Notices Sent Home:

28th August – JS Music Concert letter (Yr 3&4 selected students)

30th August
- Excursion notice (1E, 1G & 1W)
- Operation Christmas Child letter (Kinder-Prep)

2nd September

- Swim Program letter (Yr 1)
- Excursion notice (Yr 4)

4th September – Health note (PW)

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