Heathdale flower 13th May 2021

A Communal Lament

Join us in prayer for the neighbours currently hurting in our community.

Heathdale flower

Out of the depths of our anguish we cry out to you, O LORD our God and Redeemer! We long for the Day when death and all of its ugly expressions shall be no more. No more making funeral arrangements for loved ones. No more death of innocence. No more burying of unrealised dreams. Our Father, the dark voices on Friday night were louder than Your lavish love; life-taking hostility was more confronting than Your all-consuming grace. Our hearts wrestled as we were thrown down into the ashes of a young man’s dreams. Our tears have been our constant companion and our gladness is replaced with groaning.

Yet we know that You are faithful and true. So as the God of all comfort, please anchor the hearts and wipe away the tears of the Akoch family and their friends at Good News Lutheran. Ignite their hope and focus their gaze on Jesus who heals the broken-hearted and sets the captives free. Father, remind them that death is defeated but not yet annihilated. And as they travel through the valley of the shadow of death, give them a glimpse of the coming sunrise in the new heaven and new earth. Open hearts to receive Your grace and embrace the hope that is found in You alone. May believers and those who are yet to believe, see the gospel in all its beauty as never before.

In Jesus’ matchless name we pray, Amen.