Heathdale flower 20th October 2022

A Colourful View of Connection

As our Year 12s celebrate their last days of school, we would like to introduce you to 'Co-existence' and 'Expression', two VCE Studio Art finals by Chloe Kokoris.

Heathdale flower

The Dress
Title: Co-existence (2022)
Mixed Media: Acrylic yarn, pure wool, Super tac (PVA glue), Mod Roc (plaster), Wire, Wooden mannequin & stand

The Rug
Title: Expression (2022)
Textile: Acrylic yarn, pure wool, PVA glue & liquid latex adhesive, linen canvas

Hear all about it from the artist, Chloe Kokoris:

'Co-existence' & 'Expression' (2022) was an exploration of the complex systems and patterns that are co-existent and dependent of each other within the planet. Beginning as an exploration of nature and the environment, I began to consider the natural forms of connection humanity holds. Thus, propelling me to ask what about connection makes us inherently human.

In the process of forming the vibrant and abstracted artworks by imploring organic line work, I made most movement in the work calculated and smooth contrasted to the wild drooping threads of wool that evoked a chaos. In this way, seeking to display that individual experiences with connection aren't always clean or perfect.

In the development of my final, I found I had to be 'dependent' and 'co-existent' upon my friends and family, as it did not only affect me but the people around me who had invested time and effort into aiding me with my work. I found multiple people attracted to the works, asking me questions about it, offering to help untangle some of the wool and even coming to see it on display. My final contention about the distinction between human connectivity to other forms of connection, is that though we may embrace individuality, in order to survive, we need connection. As, if I did not have my school community, family, friends and my relationship with God connected to me during the formation of this piece, it would have come out very different to what it is today.

A big thank you to the time, effort and energy my friends, family and teachers put into helping me with my work. It would not have been possible without you.

Co-existence (2022)
Co-existence (2022)
Co-existence (2022)
Expression (2022)
Expression (2022)