Heathdale flower 24th November 2022

4E: Our Favourite Events from 2022!

We asked 4E what their favourite events were from 2022. From the Colour Splatacular Fun Run to their excursion to Scienceworks, the students told us their favourite events and why!

Heathdale flower

French Week

“My favourite event in 2022 was French Week. It was the best because we go to wear berets. We also ate delicious crepes!” Zoe

“My favourite event of 2022 was French Week because we got to eat chocolate crepes and drink Orangina. I loved that we got to wear berets and all the decorations around the school because of all the French colours. I liked the play ‘le trois petit cochons’ because I thought it was funny that the wolf went in the chimney and got burnt.” Hunter

Colour Splatacular Fun Run

“I strongly believe that the best event in 2022 was the Colour Splatacular Fun Run because it was crazy fun and colour was coming at everyone! Also, everyone was looking like Smurfs and laughing like hyenas.” Daniel

“The most exciting event was the Colour Splatacular because I got pelted in colour! I took a shower five times and in the end my hair was blue.” Sachin

Hoop Time Tournament

“One of my favourite events in 2022 was the Hoop Time Tournament. I liked the Hoop Time Tournament because I like basketball and I think it’s fun.” Reyansh

CERES Community Environment Park

“When the Year 4’s went to CERES Educational Site, we learned many new things, we went on a walk-in public space and picked up rubbish by the Merri- Merri Creek, we explored the garden and learned about the components required for compost, and lastly, we made recycled paper by using wrapping paper and old newspaper.” Mehr

“At CERES, we learned about taking care of nature, recycling materials, the history of CERES by having education sessions, and we even got to go on a bushwalk near Merri Creek to pick up pieces of rubbish and made recycled paper! Even though one facility can’t clean up the entire world, we can work together to achieve a cleaner environment.” Angie

“At CERES, we learned about composting, how to make paper out of recycled paper, taking care of nature and the history of CERES. I liked this excursion because it was fun and interesting.” Michelle

“It was super fun and I loved the paper making. I also loved the walk along the river. We picked up rubbish and learned about the rubbish trappers. I also had a lot of fun doing the animal bingo. I loved learning about how we can save the environment.” Sanaya


“My favourite excursion was Scienceworks because we got to go to the light room and see lightning. We also got to make little rollercoasters and test who made the best one. Scienceworks was a great place.” Joshua

“We saw lightning go from rod to rod. We also made a rollercoaster with a wooden ball, masking tape, rubber track and wooden blocks.” Nevaan

“I really liked the lightening room because it was loud, cool and it even could hit the room." Lucas

“We got to explore all the activities and we saw lightning. There also was a room that we went to, and we had to make rollercoaster with only a limited number of things.” Aanya

“Scienceworks was fun because I was able to create my very own car and that was kind of cool. The lightning show was cool because of the lightning and the mannequin.” Divit

“It was very fun making the rollercoaster with the blocks and the rubber rolls. I also liked the Lightning Show because it was very interesting and fun! I loved the free hour it was SO COOL and FUN!” Gianna

“I LOVED going to Scienceworks because we built rollercoasters, watched the lightning show and the best part was having a free hour! It was SOOOO COOL!” Emily

“When we went to Scienceworks, we saw things like thunder and a technology museum. When we saw thunder be made it was extremely loud, so the staff told us to cover our ears, so that made it fun. Next, we went to the Technology Museum and over there were lots of modern things but my favourite one was where there was this robot where it moves when you move your hand.” Krish

“I enjoyed it the most because we went to a lightning game show and rollercoaster construction it was very fun and entertaining. Recess and Lunch was my favourite we explored the building doing technology games and sport simulators.” Abysha

“The most exciting event was Scienceworks because in school, science is my most favourite subject. I also liked the lightning show because it was extremely loud, so the host told us to block our ears and sit back and watch the show. In my opinion I think the lightning show is the best.” Kavya

“Scienceworks was amazing because we went in the lightning room and it was loud because they made lightning and it hit the mannequins and before that they were playing the theme song of Mario. I liked it because it was fun and quite loud.” George