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40th Colour Splatacular Fun Run FAQ

Find out more about our Fun Run for Ukraine students and Christian schools on Tuesday, May 24.

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What is the Colour Splatacular Fun Run?
As a whole school at both our Melton (P-9) and Werribee (P-12) campuses, all our students will be running to raise funds for Ukranian Christian schools and students impacted by recent events in Ukraine.

It will be a fun run for all our students. It will be suitable for all generations. Younger students and students with specific needs will be well-assisted and prepared by our staff to safely and comfortably participate in the event. Please contact your home room teacher if you have any specific questions.

When is it?
Tuesday, 24th of May, 2022

How will the event run?
The event will run throughout the day, with year levels/modules having their specific time to run. We are also really excited to have our Year 12 (Werribee) and Year 9 (Melton) students buddy up with our Preps and guide them through the course, assisted by our Prep teachers.

Does my child have to fundraise to run?
No. All students will participate in the Fun Run even if they haven’t had the opportunity to raise funds.

What if I don’t want my child to participate?
While we hope all students will get behind the cause, we understand some parents may wish for their children not to participate. We ask that you inform your home room teacher via email prior to the event and alternative arrangements will be made.

Is this for Kinder, too?
While we would love to have all our students join the event, our youngest student participating will be Prep-aged.


Students will be dusted in colour powder during the event. While the colour powder will wash out of clothing in a maximum of two washes, it has potential to stain leather shoes. All students should arrive at school wearing free dress, including:

- A white-or light-coloured t-shirt
- older shorts/tracksuit pants and a jumper or jacket
- older runners

All students should also bring a towel on the day.

Towels are compulsory for all bus travellers.


Is the colour powder safe for my kids?
Absolutely! The powder is a mix of corn starch and vegetable food dye that is safe for all. While this is a normal safe practise used by many schools and organisations, our College nurse has also reviewed the chemical data sheets to ensure it doesn’t pose an allergy risk to any students.

All students will also be supplied sunglasses as part of the run to reduce the chance of it getting in their eyes.

What about the slime?
The slime will only be used as a special event with select staff who have volunteered their time (and cleanliness) to get slimed for the cause. Staff will be dunked in a tank via a mechanism that when the target is hit the being slimed occurs

What about getting home?
After the Fun Run, students will dust off any excess powder. We strongly suggest bringing towels to cover the seats of your vehicle for the trip home. Students will not be expected to change at school.

What if my child will be travelling on the bus that day?
All bus travellers must bring a towel to sit on during their bus ride. We have notified the bus company about the Fun Run and they are prepared for slightly messier buses.


How do I raise funds for this cause?
It only takes 1 minute to sign up! Simply go to myprofilepage.com.au and use your email address to help your child sign up.
Once you’ve signed up, you and your child can simply share their fundraising profile to family and friends to encourage them to sponsor your child. It’s a great learning opportunity you can share with your child about caring for others and doing something tangible about it.

Do you take cash?
No. Please use your profile page to raise funds digitally.

Who are the funds going to?
The College has partnered with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI – acsi.org) who will send funds to member schools in Ukraine. Previously provided support has helped these communities:

- Provide support to refugees
- Set up remote learning or find new sites for onsite learning
- Where displaced, provide funds for future rebuilding

Where can I find out more about the work ACSI is doing?
You can read more about how ACSI is partnering with Ukranian schools in the stories on our College website News section. You can read about New Generation School in Kyiv here: Heathdale Christian College

How does my child receive their incentive prizes?
On the 25th of May, simply log into your child’s fundraising profile to select their incentive prizes. Participants only have 1 week to claim their prizes – up to the 31st of May - so make sure you get in quick!