Heathdale flower 10th February 2022

40th Anniversary: School Captain Reflection

Today we launched our 40th Anniversary celebrations with a whole-school assembly. One of our 2022 Captains, Sharon Upputhola, shared around her time at Heathdale.

Heathdale flower

My name is Sharon Upputholla and I'm one of the School Captains of 2022. I have been given the honour to share my school experiences and how God has guided me throughout my journey here at Heathdale as we celebrate 40 memorable years of our College!

As I walk through the courtyard, I see the little ones radiating with excitement and playful hearts and it reminds me of when I began my schooling years at the College 13 years ago! Each of those thirteen years I remember so vividly and although it seems like a long time, looking back, time flew and I often remind myself how blessed we truly are to be able to grow and to learn in an environment of care, and companionship. I am grateful for many things over the span of these 13 years, and each of these memories I hold dearly. I am grateful for the Word, which is taught with utmost respect and honour. I am grateful for the multitude of opportunities we are given. I am grateful for God’s provision. I am grateful for God-fearing teachers of a sound-mind and wisdom. But mostly, I am forever grateful for the strong foundation upon which this school was built; forty years of growth, of change, and of Christ-centred education.

Some of my greatest memories of Heathdale have been celebrating our anniversaries as a school, as ‘we join hands in sharing his glory’, where families, friends and past community commemorate the history and humble beginnings!

Each one of you will take something away which you have learnt or may even have your own ‘greatest memory’, but somewhere down the track will remember Heathdale for what it is and what it stands for.

This school is a school of encouragement and vision; a school which has instilled strong Christian values within me. They have taught me integrity, truth, honesty, to love, to honour and to respect and have enabled myself, as a student, to find my God-given potential. We see the heart of the school, as it reflects the heart of Christ. We see foundations built, seeds planted; a community of growth. To pause, to reminisce and to celebrate the past 40 years of Heathdale Christian College – it truly is a magnificent sight.

In saying all this, I encourage the current and future students to look upon the college with open hearts to receive all it offers. I pray and hope that in the months and years to come, Heathdale will continue to advance and impact the lives of many students and together as a community we would strive “to believe, to belong and to become.”