Heathdale flower 06th June 2019

25 Years Exchanged with Tyndale

In June, we'll be celebrating 25 years of loving competition with our friends at Tyndale Christian College. Here's to hoping we win!

Heathdale flower

Even as most of Senior School are completing their examinations this week, it is good to remember the other programs that they can participate in. The first of these is obviously:

The Tyndale Exchange

On Monday June 17 the team from Tyndale will arrive, ready for four days of sporting and academic competition. Going on past form (and the fact that Tyndale has 600+ students in their Senior School) they’ll be feeling confident, but with our students’ preparation and the home-field advantage, I think we’ll take them down a peg or two.

It is also important to note that 2019 is the 25th Tyndale exchange – that’s a long history celebrating the common values and heritage of our two Colleges and an example of the unity that is found in Christ.

2020 Overseas Trips

The next month or so will see information coming your way about Parent Information Nights for our proposed Philippines Service Trip and French Language and Cultural Trip next year. These are both very significant events in the life of Senior School and are highly valued by the students who have the opportunity to participate.
If either of these events pique your interest, please watch for a letter to come home via your student and we look forward to seeing you.

God Bless,