Heathdale flower 17th April 2020

Yrs 10-12 at Werribee - Remote Learning Reflections

Heathdale flower

The good bits: I have been so impressed with the way in which students and teachers have so quickly adapted to this new ‘virtual’ world of remote online teaching and learning. The Years 10-12 students in particular have really taken their learning seriously which is very encouraging. The College hasn’t closed down during this period of self-isolation by any means. It’s been busier than ever. I know the Years 10-12 teachers are working very hard to provide every opportunity for their students to continue learning and achieving success in each of their subjects. Personally, this time of transitioning to online learning has been a steep learning curve, but I have been learning from the best in the business… the Principal of Secondary, Deb Letcher, and her offsider Mr Deroon have been tremendous in their endeavours to ensure all teaching staff are trained in the use of different online teaching and learning platforms. Many teachers who are highly-skilled in the use of digital technology have been going well beyond their normal work patterns and are supporting one another in this virtual world and I give thanks to God for the collegiality that has been so evident.

Things we have learned: While we have seen a relatively smooth transition to remote learning, it hasn’t been exactly easy for everybody and I am speaking from personal experience. My first online conference didn’t really go how I expected it to. Just before my lesson, my camera decided not to work and then my audio played up. My first lesson felt like a bit of a failure, however, videos of two lessons had been uploaded onto CANVAS for my students to view and take notes from. I believe that we are all learning individually and collectively in this wonderful school community. Yes, we are being stretched and for some really stretched, but we are in this together, supporting and learning from one another. I have learnt it is okay to make mistakes, and from every mistake made there is a wonderful opportunity to learn and improve.

What parents have been telling us: The feedback from parents has been a wonderful encouragement to us. Parents have recognised the hard work teachers have been doing to ensure the provision of a strong, robust curriculum. We recognise for parents that there are some great challenges to work through with working from home. Many parents are continuing with their own work while supervising their children with their remote learning.

What the plan is for next week: For Years 10-12, the plan for next week is to encourage all students to be actively engaged in their learning programs. While we have just had our Easter holiday, we are now full swing into Term Two. Some of us may have had a little extra in terms of holidays, but the expectation now for Week 2 is that all Years 10-12 students are communicating with their teachers, submitting work requirements and assessment tasks, etc. That said, it is also important that we take a break from our learning during the day – i.e. still have a recess and lunch – and have a chat with a buddy, catch up with friends and family online. If any Years 10-12 students need any support with their learning, including having difficulty with their devices, please let us know (Werribee Secondary) as soon as possible. If any students are finding this Remote Learning all too much and need to chat, our Pastoral Care Team are very much working at this time and would love to support, too. Wishing all the parents and students in the Years 10-12 Learning Module all the very best for this term.