Heathdale flower 17th March 2022

What's Been Happening

Find out what has been happening in the life of our Melton campus recently, from House Captain announcements to our Swimming Carnival, exciting incursions and the arrival of our new Principal!

Heathdale flower

When I went to school, there was often something to be excited about. Sometimes it was something very common, such as finding out that my favourite subject was timetabled for that day. On other days it was something much rarer, like going on an excursion. But over the last seven weeks, I have found that there is always something exiting happening at Melton. Here is a snapshot of the exciting things that have happened at Melton since I wrote to you two weeks ago.

House Captains

Firstly, we congratulated our House Captains for 2022. The ‘House’ competition is a long-standing tradition at Heathdale that has brought students of all ages together in good-spirited sporting and academic contests. It was fantastic to have received several applications for House Captain. Congratulations to:

Carey Captains: Zoe Maxwell (Captain) and Georgia Scott (Vice-Captain)

Judson Captains: Sehajvir Grewal (Captain) and Beau Carroll (Vice-Captain)

Stanway Captains: Natasha Lakra (Captain) and Kuorwel Alier (Vice-Captain)

Taylor Captains: Jye Schofield (Captain) and Awien Ngor (Vice-Captain)

Swimming Carnival

Shortly after their appointment as House Captain, these students were responsible for leading their teams into the first sports competition for 2022: the Swimming Carnival. Each team developed a team chant and jumped into the water to race for House points. It was fantastic to see so many students going head-to-head in the pool, especially those who did not feel confident in their race but gave it a try regardless of this. A special thank you to those parents and guardians who volunteered their time to attend and help with the day’s activities.

Year 5 and 6 History Box

A special incursion was hosted for Year 5 and 6 students to help them learn about their history curriculum. During the incursion, students were able to be hands-on with their learning of historical events and inquiry. It was special to witness students seek to better understand Australia’s past in the hope to make even better sense of Australia’s present.

Year 7 and 8 Maths Show

Another special incursion was hosted for Year 7 and 8 students to help them learn about the wonderful world of mathematics. During the show, students were astounded at the amazing power of numbers to control the mind, predict the future, reveal secrets and much more. This was something that had our students (and our teachers) roaring with laughter and trying to solve amazing mathematical puzzles.

Arrival of Melton Principal: Dr Chris Prior

Last, but certainly not least, was the arrival of Melton Principal: Dr Chris Prior. Melton staff and students were excited to welcome Dr Prior as campus Principal, who arrives as a very experienced leader who has demonstrated success in several different contexts. He has principled two schools and most recently been the principal of a tertiary institution: The National Institute for Christian Education. In all, he has had over 20 years of experience in education and is coming to Melton as an invaluable asset to our community as our new leader.

A few last thoughts…

Thank you for your partnership in supporting our Sun Smart hat initiative. The number of hats on student heads has increased dramatically in the last two weeks. Please continue to partner with us with other uniform issues by notifying homeroom teachers as these arise.