Heathdale flower 26th April 2024

Time Spent with Australian Animals of God’s Creation

This week, Year 5 students enjoyed a fascinating wildlife display by Aussie Wildlife Displays, sharing their favourite moments and facts!

Heathdale flower

Term 2 is an exciting time where we really dig into the learning; it is a long term, so pace yourselves for the next 11 weeks. By now parents should have had the opportunity to meet their teachers at parent-teacher conversations so you should be armed with a tool kit of ideas on how to help your children move along their journey to reach their God given potential.

Term 2 with it also brings some nuggets of delight along the way such as the swimming program, Year 3 Day camp, ANZAC Day and Assembly, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Musical, Athletics Day and many excursions and incursions. There is much to look forward to.

This week, the Year 5s had the opportunity to spend some time with the animals of God’s creation thanks to Aussie Wildlife Displays! Some students shared their favourite moments and fun facts they learnt:

"We looked at marsupials, reptiles and birds. One of the most interesting facts is the Wombats poop is a shape of a cube.” Jarvis Chen

"All the animals were pretty in their own way. That’s what I loved most about this.” Hannah Joyce Edward

"At the incursion I was amazed by the reptiles and the marsupials, especially the Squirrel Glider because its feathers were very soft and it even had little fingers to hold its food." Hazel Chan

"My favourite animal was Olly the Olive python. I learnt that they could grow up to 4 metres long.” Daniel Li

"My favourite animal at the incursion was the wombat. I was very funny how he ate the carrot with such a sleepy face." Kaela Chua

"The blue tongue lizard has a bright blue tongue that makes the predators think that it is poisonous even though it is not." Natalie Du

"I was flabbergasted when I saw the sugar glider and the wombat. I saw a variety of marsupials, reptiles and birds that our class observed yesterday. A sugar glider can fly over 45 meters! We also saw a baby crocodile.” Sthavir Arun

"The most interesting animal was the pine-cone lizard because it looked like it had 2 heads to scare off predators." Tanusha Adusumalli

"I learned that freshwater crocodiles can live for 40 - 100 years.'' Zac Tan