Heathdale flower 04th August 2023

Three Teams Qualify for Nationals at the Victorian Aeroschools Championships

The 2023 Victorian Aeroschools Championships showcased exceptional skills and sportsmanship in Aerobics Gymnastics, with athletes from schools across the state competing over two exhilarating days. Heathdale students excelled in both Primary and Secondary competitions, securing gold and silver medals, and three teams ended up qualifying for Nationals.

Heathdale flower

The 2023 Victorian Aeroschools Championships, a premier school event in the world of Aerobics Gymnastics, took place on July 27th and 28th at the Community Bank Stadium in Diamond Creek. Athletes from schools across the state gathered for two exhilarating days of competition, displaying their exceptional skills and unwavering sportsmanship.

Encouraging more young athletes to engage in Aerobics, Angela McMillan, an advanced coach and judge, emphasized, "Aerobics is the perfect sport for athletes of all ages to learn coordination, improve their strength, and flexibility, and compete alongside friends in a team environment."

The Aeroschools Victorian Championships also served as a qualifying event for athletes to secure their spot in the Nationals, adding an extra layer of motivation and enthusiasm to the competition.

I am very proud of the students who represented Heathdale in both primary and secondary competition. We had 13 teams present in total.

At the Primary competition on Thursday 27th July, we had duos, trios and teams performing, including many boys who were competing for the first time. Two teams placed, with a group of five girls - Heldana, Holly, Claire, Emilia and Kaela - picking up a gold medal, and a trio - Jemma, Keira and Emily - scoring a silver medal. These teams have qualified for the National Championships in Brisbane later in the year, but unfortunately this year will not be able to attend.

On Friday 28th July, we saw the following Secondary girls compete:

Meghan and Annie
- Div C Multiples Lower Secondary
Elena and Molly
- Dib B Multiples Lower Secondary
Fearne and Katie - Div A Multiples Upper Secondary
Jemma and Izzy
- Div A Multiples Upper Secondary

A special mention to Jemma and Izzy who qualified for nationals in 5th place.

I would like to thank the students who helped with coaching throughout last term and especially on the Primary day of competition. Thanks also to Mr Zimmerman, Mrs Thompson and Mrs McDonogh for giving up their time to attend and support the teams.

Congratulations to all who participated. Your performances were amazing.