Heathdale flower 22nd June 2023

Threads of Innovation: Students Bring Their Garment Designs to Life

Perfect for Winter, our Year 10 textile students have been designing and sewing their own hoodies, and their skirt and short designs have also getting some fancy embellishments.

Heathdale flower

The Year 9s and 10s have been busy in the Textiles room this semester. Both year levels have designed their own unique garment, selected their own fabrics and gone through the full process of drafting, cutting and sewing their pieces.

The Year 9s have had the option of creating a pair of shorts (many adding useful pockets!) or a skirt. They have learnt about embellishment techniques such as embroidery, applique and beading and we are starting to add these finishing elements onto the skirts and shorts now.

The Year 10s have followed a more detailed design process and developed more advanced pattern modification skills to make very unique and fantastic hoodies. They have used a range of fleece and other knit fabrics, including some very fluffy and soft fabrics!

“My favourite thing about Textiles is how it so unique and different to other subjects. I love how it gives me a chance to be creative and try new things while still being fun and entertaining. It's also very rewarding to be able to have something to show for your semester's work and have a finished garment that you can show off and keep.

I chose an underwater design for my hoodie because I think sea creatures are really cool and I wanted to try and get better at embroidery. I decided to keep the rest of the hoodie simple to draw people's attention to the pocket, without making the piece too flashy. The pocket is my favourite part because it took a lot of work to make the embroidery look good, and I was really proud of the end result and felt very accomplished!

If you ever want to make your own garment, whether it be a skirt or a hoodie, I think that the most important tip is that if you are modifying one part of your piece then make sure to change all of the other parts equally so that they all fit together nicely.”

Isabelle Herbert – 10B (Werribee)