Heathdale flower 30th April 2021

The Space Race is On!

A visit from some intrepid Year 1 students took me on a mini space adventure!

Heathdale flower

“Mrs Moffett, I wrote nine pages on my Space story and I am not even finished yet!”

This week I was paid a visit by some excited learners from Mr Whelan’s Year 1 class. They were there to share their Space Adventure stories with me and it was one of the highlights of my week. I am not sure who was most excited! The students, Mr Whelan or me! These young learners had wide beaming smiles as they clutched their writing books, and went on to share their fabulously imaginative stories about space travel, alien encounters, food snacks they would need in the space station and their family’s thoughts and farewells as they embarked on their Space Adventures!

These stories were such fun, and quite a writing feat for these six-year old students. Not only were their stories creative and engaging, but their enthusiasm for all the little added details made it an enthralling read through their handwritten pages of text.

This passion for learning and sharing learning with others is a joyful occurrence repeated over and over in our primary school. Sharing achievement and learning brings an infectious type of encouragement to keep on growing and challenging ourselves with the next steps and new goals. Our teachers are buoyed by seeing students respond positively to each other, and witnessing their combined efforts. We relish the moments when parents also get to see this talent in their children and remark on their growth across the year.

As teachers we plan learning to engage students at the appropriate level, while helping our primary students to own their individual learning and advance through applying and transferring knowledge to new situations. Well done Year 1 students for these great stories, and for adding value to others by listening to your friends and offering encouragement to them with your laughter and interest.

Cross Country Travels

Our Year 3-6 students headed out for their cross-country running event last Thursday and a very pleasant morning was had by all. The approximately 2km course wound around our oval and across to the adjoining wetlands. Every student tried their best and I commend them all for their terrific effort.