Heathdale flower 09th June 2023

The Heathdale Distinctive

Find out why recently interviewed families are choosing Heathdale Christian College for their children's education, where Christian faith is integrated into every aspect of school life and a whole-life approach to learning is fostered.

Heathdale flower

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of being involved in many enrolment interviews. One the joys has been hearing from families around their “why Heathdale”.

Being active disciples of Christ, there are many parents who simply want to partner with a like-minded school in the education of their children. While they appreciate the values that are evident in the life of the school, they acknowledge that beneath these are beliefs that they as parents hold to. These parents value our devotional time, or our Christian Life Studies classes. In fact, in a recent interview one parent commented that they love our Christian Life Studies classes as they do not feel as though they can answer all of the questions their children have.

However, many parents note that after they do a tour of the school, they come into an interview understanding that at Heathdale we do not see the Christian faith as one particular devotion or class. Instead, they understand we are trying to live out the Gospel. This is why when we look to describe how our Christianity is evident in school life the emphasis is not a particular aspect. These are important elements of a whole of life approach, including our teaching and learning program.

As I have written before, we certainly are blessed with great facilities on the Melton campus. We also have excellent teaching and learning staff. Fundamental to all that we do, though, is that we are Christian in name and in action. This, I believe, is what people desire in seeking a Heathdale Christian College education. This is what we want for our children, to be educated in an environment where Christianity is the worldview.

Carpark Update

Before I finish this short article, if you are a parent or guardian of a student at the Melton campus, you will have receveived another letter about the College carpark. For those of you who drive into the College, you will have noticed that the carpark works are almost complete. New exit points have been established. The lines have been marked to clearly identify the parking spaces. In the coming days, we will be finalising the works. At that time, we will be very deliberate in communicating the new traffic flow, just in case anyone has missed previous communications. Please remember, as I have written on a few occasions, we very much appreciate you supporting safety by driving slowly and taking extra care when the change is initiated.