Heathdale flower 12th October 2023

Presenting L.I.G.H.T: Our Inaugural Year 12 Art Exhibition

The new exhibition in our Werribee Campus Gallery showcases our Year 12 VCE Art Making and Exhibiting students' final works.

Heathdale flower

This year, we introduced the new VCE Art Making and Exhibiting (AME) program, an update to the precious Studio Arts program. AME requires students to display their final artworks in an exhibition space, so we are excited to present our first Year 12 art exhibition in our Werribee Campus Gallery, titled ‘L.I.G.H.T.’ This exhibition showcases the creative responses of the talented Year 12 AME students to their artistic inspirations and demonstrates the refinement achieved through months of research and studio practice.

Check out the Year 12 student artworks below. To see them in person and read more about their work, the exhibition is open for viewing until the end of November. Visitors are also encouraged to explore additional artworks displayed in the C Block hallway by both past and current students.

'Moving on' by Betty Zhao
'IT'S MORPHIN TIME' by Kristian Ngo
'A Terrible Beauty' by Zoe Faith Camaso
'እናታችን (our mother)' and 'እቴሜቴ (hand games)' by Rakeb Mulatu
'ቤተሰባችን (our family)' by Rakeb Mulatu
'Coastal Connection' by Abhijeet Obla Vikram
'all that wanting, right? / be nice to me' by Margaret Yuhan Fan