Heathdale flower 03rd March 2022

Practically Speaking

Check out some of the ways in which our Secondary students learn outside of the standard classroom!

Heathdale flower

Walking into the staffroom this week, my mouth starting watering immediately. Next to the main staffroom, our Secondary kitchens were in full swing with students cooking up pancakes with eggs and bacon. Not only did the delicious smell make me very hungry, the joy of knowing that our students were busy in the kitchen also brought a huge grin to my face.

One of the impacts of the last two years has been the lack of time on campus to enjoy our wonderful facilities for hands-on learning in Design, Technologies and the Arts. But with the most uninterrupted term since 2019, we are now watching students bringing to life wonderful creations in Wood, Food, Textiles and other mediums. Our music rooms are brimming with melodies and our Art, Media and Graphics rooms are full of colour and designs.

So, this week we are celebrating all the wonderful ways in which our Secondary students learn outside of the standard classroom! Here’s a few photos of the fun we’ve had this week.

Our Year 9s cooking up a storm.
Year 9s working away on the sewing machines in textiles.
Our Year 7s have started Wood Tech and are completing foundational skill-building exercises before starting their first project.
Secondary students jamming away as a band.

School Photos

A reminder that school photos will happen for Secondary students next Thursday, 10th of March. As such, please note the uniform requirements of our official summer uniform below.

Boys: White school shirt, grey long trousers or grey College shorts, regulation socks and polished shoes.

Girls: Official blue checked dress (length below the knee) or white shirt and navy shorts/pants, official short white anklet (fold down) plain white socks, polished black shoes.

Hair & Jewellery: Regulation (red, white, navy blue) hair ties, if hair is longer than shoulders then at least top third tied back. Regulation plain and small earrings only. No other visible jewellery. No visible make up.

Blazers (Year 9-12): Should be worn for the actual photos if you have one. Students without a blazer will still be included in the photo.