Heathdale flower 19th March 2021

Open Classrooms & Teddy Picnics

We were so glad to see many parents and guardians take the opportunity to visit our classrooms with our student tour guides.

Heathdale flower

It was wonderful to welcome families to our open afternoons this week. It was a real joy to see parents visit with their children and learn about the classroom workings; such as where the student sits, their surrounds, activities and see some of the work undertaken. Our students were magnificent tour guides and we thank parents for this valuable time spent in conversation with students and staff. We also look forward to the upcoming parent-teacher conversations occurring soon as we continue partnering with you as your child’s first educators. At this time, we reflect on a whole term of learning and we are now planning learning goals in all areas for the coming term. While we encourage students to have a good holiday break, we would like to see every student continue to read and practise some of their skills learnt, particularly in numeracy. Fun learning games with numbers and words can be part of a holiday journey and our teachers would be happy to suggest activities to help your child remain engaged in script, text and numbers.

Good study skills and learning to work within simple routines, are formed in these primary years. Our students and teachers have worked hard this term to establish those healthy routines in classes, balanced with fun and appropriate play with friends outside. Combined with the practise of consolidated learning in homework activity, these practices help to engage our students in a love of learning, a sense of belonging, along with an expectation of achievable success. We look forward to working with parents and guardians to further strengthen and support each student in these formative primary years.

This week we celebrated with our students in Prep as they brought their teddies and special soft toys to school for their annual Teddy-bear Picnic. It is reported that many of our teddies are ‘cool’ (according to Mr Zimmerman who is the resident teddy expert!) and all enjoyed the day of fun learning in classrooms and outside. Lunch was a special outdoor picnic on the grass on a beautiful autumn day with plenty of fun dancing and singing.