Heathdale flower 06th August 2020

Ideas for Screen Downtime

While our students have shown an incredible resilience and adoption of the Virtual classroom, we all need some screen downtime. Here are some ideas for when the computer is off.

Heathdale flower

I know I have said it often, and will continue to say it again, our students are amazing when it comes to how they have adapted to the many changes across this year. Primary students have shown tremendous adaptability and resilience, which we would never have predicted outside this rare and unusual year.

As a staff we are proud of how students have risen to the occasion, and in a no fuss manner, they have logged on, and engaged in this new virtual classroom with nimble fingers tapping away.

A virtual school was once a plan for the future perhaps, but now it is a current and viable world. Now we are looking forward to our whole Primary assembly online and the many contributions students have prepared for us as we come together next week to celebrate school life.

Student confidence continues to grow, they’ve got new ideas, continue to build resilience and many of their common observations are great ideas.

While our students may be more online than ever, it is good to be wary of it becoming too much. It would be our desire that we monitor a healthy balance of physical and mental ability away from technology, too. Heathdale promotes educational, emotional, physical as well as spiritual well-being by being involved in God’s world and seeing the beauty around us. Outside activity for children is vital, and I encourage our students to take those exercise walks daily and often.

Here are some:
- Craft Ideas
- Activity Ideas
- And just some general things to do at home

A recent article in Parenting Magazine describes emotional intelligence and the need for our children to be able to share how they are feeling. For younger children art is a wonderful vehicle as a reflection tool, and it is fun to paint or draw, imagine and colour. Allowing children to own how they feel about circumstances or situations, and how to express them safely, allows them to see their worth and value for the incredible individual they are within the safety of the family home they belong to.

“Lord I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139: 14