Heathdale flower 17th August 2023

Highlights of the Present and a Glimpse into the Future

We are officially mid-term! Explore events that has taken place, find what's coming up and learn about how we are preparing for growth in the school through our facilities.

Heathdale flower

As I write this, we have reached the halfway point of Term 3. It is one which has been filled with key events in the life of the campus such as the first VCE Information Night which was held last Wednesday and the annual Year 10 Careers Week, held for the first time for Melton students, just a few weeks ago. There are also the normal and wonderful activities associated with learning. During this term, we get to enjoy Science Week and Book Week, and we are looking forward to the upcoming Year 5 & 6 Camp to The Summit later this month.

As I mentioned last week, our attention is also on the future, including staffing for 2024 as well as our continued work in catering for a campus which within a year or two will have an enrolment of more than 500 students.

One of the challenges with a growing student population is usually finding enough classroom spaces. This year, as part of the College’s commitment to infrastructure renewal, we opened two refurbished classroom blocks. One for our growing Primary, the other for the Year 9s and 10s.

Between now and the end of the year, it is our hope to start Stage 1 of the refurbishment of the Stadium. This first stage involves renewal of the office, gym and equipment storage spaces on the school side of the stadium. Another key part of this is to establish a small gym set-up to support the delivery of the Physical Education program. Stage 2 is scheduled for a later date.

During 2024, the focus of building works will be the completion of facilities to support the first cohort of Year 12s in 2025. These building works will include the development of a new Science Facility to cater for VCE Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Additionally, two other buildings will be refurbished to meet the needs of VCE: A VCE Classroom Centre and a Year 11 and 12 Common Area. It will be a great new space for our senior students to enjoy!

Finally, please be reminded that the annual Book Week parade will take place next Tuesday 22nd August.