Heathdale flower 31st October 2019

Early Entry to University for Class of 2019

As reward for the hard work they put towards their communities, these students have received Early Entry placements at university.

Heathdale flower

We are proud of each and every student in our Class of 2019. Whether it’s further study or directly entering the workforce, the number of different pathways the cohort is taking towards their future is indicative of what we hope for them at Heathdale. That each child discovers and fulfils their own unique God-given potential.

We recently received a batch of great news from Early Entry university programs at both Latrobe University and ACU. Latrobe’s Aspire program recognises a student’s hard work they have put towards their communities and guarantees them entry into their course as long as they have met the prerequisites of the course and have received a 25 in English.

These students have been accepted into the Latrobe University Aspire Program:

Denham – Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Dietetic Practice

Emmason – Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice

Eve – Bachelor of Biomedicine

Kurt – Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Nathan J. – Bachelor of Exercise Science/Master of Exercise Physiology

Nathan K. – Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science

Tabitha – Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery

Thomas – Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

Similarly, the following students have gained successful early entry into ACU Community Achievement Program (CAP) for 2020. The ATAR has been significantly decreased to assist these students and to bless them for serving their community.

Thomas – Bachelor of Arts/Law

Lyndal – Bachelor of Commerce/ Business

Eve – Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Furthermore, Ashley made a successful application to study a Bachelor of Business through the Australian Catholic University Peter Faber Business School Passion for Business (P4B) Program. The university was impressed by his passion for studying business at the Australian Catholic University, and his desire to make a contribution to business and the community.