Heathdale flower 22nd March 2024

Dan Warlow's Inspiring Visit

Learn about the wonder of Dan Warlow's performance, where music, puppetry and storytelling converged to illuminate hope, faith and God's boundless love for our Years 1-4 students.

Heathdale flower

Our students in Years 1-4 experienced the joy of Dan Warlow's performance last week. Known for his engaging and spiritually enriching performances, Dan brought a message of hope, faith, and the infinite love of God. With his guitar, lively puppets, and captivating stories, Dan connected with children and guided them toward a deeper understanding of Christian values.

Dan's act was a vibrant blend of songs, puppetry, and object lessons designed not only to entertain, but enlighten. The church hall buzzed with excitement as Dan opened with catchy, faith-based songs, engaging the children in spirited sing-alongs. One profound moment was his object lesson on forgiveness, illustrating God's cleansing grace through coloured water and a mysterious powder. As the children watched in amazement, the brown coloured water that represented our mistakes and sins became clear once again, symbolising the purifying power of God’s grace.

His troupe of puppets played a pivotal role, each character bringing its own story and lesson about God's love, kindness, and community. The interactions between Dan and his puppet pals were not only humorous but also packed with meaningful messages that resonated with the young audience.

As applause filled the room, it was clear that Dan's visit was a highlight of the year for our Years 1-4 students. His unique blend of entertainment and education, set within a Christian framework, left a lasting impact. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dan and eagerly anticipate another opportunity to welcome him back in the future.

For parents and students who wish to relive the magic of Dan Warlow's performance, or for those who couldn't attend, his music and messages can be found on his website and social media pages. Let's continue to nurture the seeds of faith, hope, and love that Dan planted in our hearts last week.

Discover the Easter Story

As Easter draws near, our Primary school prepares to embark on a reflective journey through captivating Easter installations. Beginning next week, these displays will grace our environment, inviting families to pause, engage, and delve deeper into the essence of Easter.

Each installation will feature a QR code, linking you to devotional material curated to complement the visual experience. This interactive feature provides daily opportunities for families to explore the installations, reflect on Easter's significance and embrace the message of renewal and hope.

At the core of our faith lies the proclamation "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Hallelujah, He is risen indeed." These installations offer a unique pathway for families to connect with this profound Easter message, resonating with both young hearts and minds. We encourage families to journey together, fostering meaningful conversations and insights as they explore each display. Our hope is that this experience will deepen connections to the Easter message and the enduring hope it offers.

Let us anticipate and embrace this opportunity for inspiration and reflection, as we contemplate the stories of faith, sacrifice and resurrection that define this sacred season. May this journey be one of blessing and discovery, as we reflect on the boundless love of Christ and the promise of Easter.

Mother's Day Stall Coming in Early Term 2

We are excited to announce our upcoming Mother's Day Stall in Term 2! This event offers our students an opportunity to express their appreciation for their mothers and mother figures, who tirelessly give their love, guidance and support.

Each gift at the stall will be thoughtfully selected and available for just $5, making it accessible for all our students to find something special. This presents a wonderful occasion for children in our Primary school to learn the value of hard work and saving, as they may choose to earn this money through doing chores at home. In line with the teachings of our faith, God asks us to work diligently and to honour our mothers, reflecting Proverbs 31:31, "Honour her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."

This Mother's Day Stall is more than just a chance to buy a gift; it's an opportunity to engage our children in acts of kindness, teach them about the joy of giving and remind them of the significance of honouring their mothers as the Bible teaches us. We encourage all parents to discuss with their children how they might earn their $5 for the Mother's Day Stall, whether it be through helping out more at home, doing extra chores or other creative tasks.

Join us in strengthening our community's values and celebrating the mothers and mother figures in our lives through this meaningful event. Stay tuned for further details on additional Mother's Day celebrations.