Heathdale flower 17th February 2022

Back Into Routine

Healthy routine - something we all need to set ourselves up well! Find out about the benefits and ways that you can help your teenager get back into it.

Heathdale flower

It has been wonderful to get back to learning in a sustained and uninterrupted way on campus. One of the many benefits is that it helps us all get back to healthy routines.

Students’ learning is significantly assisted by good routines; a regular breakfast, a good sleep and the duties of personal organisation not only make us ready for work and school but also are healthy for our mind and body.

Those of us with teenagers in the house know that these routines do not always come naturally, but some positive encouragement (as opposed to nagging) to keep up with healthy habits of self-care is worth the effort, even if we get some eye-rolls in response.

Likewise, the habits of rest, relaxation and study over the evenings and weekends are critical as well. Distinguishing between work and play is healthy and gives structure to our days. Parents can assist by setting expectations around study time and perhaps some boundaries around internet or gaming access at certain times.

We are presenting a number of study skills sessions for our students over the course of this year, starting with Year 7 & 8 students engaging in a Kick-Start Study Habits for lower Secondary in May. Understanding how to beat procrastination, structure study times and make effective use of notetaking and summarisation will help our students to make the most of their learning at school and at home.

I hope your start to the new school year has settled well into pleasant routines of work and rest.

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