Heathdale flower 01st December 2023

Announcing Our Year 6 Leaders for 2024

Congratulations to the students selected as our Year 6 Leaders for 2024! Their display of positive characteristics and values positions them to excel in their roles as Student Leaders. Be sure to congratulate them when you see them!

Heathdale flower

It is with pleasure that we announce the 2024 Primary Student Leaders. These students have demonstrated the positive characteristics and values that set them up well to serve as Student Leaders. I am confident they will do a wonderful job.

Thank you also to the teachers who will serve as House Leaders and Captains’ Leader to help develop and support our student leaders and house communities.

Primary Captains: Tanishka Taluja & Aiden Chauhan
Primary Vice-Captains:
 Elena Shum & Louis Zhao


Captains: Zoe Bernaldo & Daniel Hanson
 Valarie Wibisono & Robel Gedeye


Captains: Idara Uko & Zayn Chundrigar
 Kenzie Dodds & Ethan Darmady


Captains: Gianna Hui & Kyle Gitonga
 Anuki Adikari & Suhas Mandava


Captains: Ruth Seeburn & Supreeth Chedurthipati
Shanay Morillo Mataheru & Hugo Poon