Heathdale flower 12th November 2020

Almost Home

When COVID hit just as the Dhawans were due to return from India, it turned a short trip into a journey. We're glad they're almost home.

Heathdale flower

It’s been a long round trip for the Dhawan family, but they’ve almost made it back home. Aviral was in Grade 3 at Heathdale’s Melton campus when his father Abhishek got an IT job in Bangalore. The family moved to India late in 2018, and Aviral and his sister Ridhima began school there. “While in India, Aviral missed his school Heathdale a lot,” said his mother Garima. “My husband decided to move back to Australia in February 2019. We called Heathdale and got Aviral admitted to Grade 5 again. We planned to come back in March, then COVID came and I got stuck in India with the kids.

“Heathdale was very supportive, Ridhima was interviewed by Mrs Harvey on Microsoft Teams and she got admission into Prep, too. They both enjoyed the remote learning with the support of their teachers Mr Court and Miss Rokesky.”

They finally arrived back into Australia on November 5th, and have been in hotel quarantine in Sydney. Despite the long return, Garima says, “the kids are enjoying this phase too and are well connected to the school via teams. Ridhima and Aviral are both very excited to be back to school again on arrival in Melbourne. I am very thankful to Mrs Harvey, Mr Court , Miss Rokesky and staff of Heathdale for helping us in difficult times and being there for us always.”

We look forward to seeing the Dhawan family back on campus. It’s been a pleasure to support them through this long journey and the Melton staff organised a gift for when they arrived in Sydney. It’s been a tough time for many this year, but our community continues to come together.