Heathdale flower 16th November 2023

Accepting the Challenge of the Year 9 Outdoor Education Hike

Year 9 Outdoor Education students completed a semester hike in the bushland around Lorne, where they developed practical skills in navigation, camping, and teamwork. Some students even used the hike to contribute towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Heathdale flower

Our Year 9 Outdoor Education students completed their semester hike, taking in the wonderful bushland around Lorne on the Great Ocean Road.

Students involved in the Year 9 hikes take a semester-long subject in Outdoor Education that includes learning the practical skills for bush navigation, hiking and camping. This includes map reading, compass work, camp cooking and managing equipment such as hiking packs and tents.

The hike tests students’ resilience and teamwork, as they navigate through the rugged bush tracks, carrying all their supplies and tents. A sense of accomplishment and pride is the result of a very long walk and the conquering of new challenges.

Some of our students have also taken up the opportunity to work towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, under the supervision of our Sports Coordinator, Mr Fourie. This international award challenges young people to discover their passions, and work to develop their gifts and talents, as well as serve others. The Award requires young people to meet challenges in the four areas of physical recreation, skill building, voluntary service and an adventurous journey.

Building on and then extending the skills developed in Outdoor Ed, thirteen bold adventurers will navigate their way through their qualification hike in the Otways next week. We wish them all the best with their endeavour!

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, check out the Duke of Ed Australian website.