Heathdale flower 25th November 2021

A Time to Celebrate

Term 4 is almost over - it's time to celebrate the wins of this year! Discover what's coming up at Werribee Primary.

Heathdale flower

As we enter the countdown of the final weeks of school, we are pleased to see joyful and happy students keen to be onsite and involved in all school activities. The joy of students is visible in the smiles and greetings as we walk into classes or across the playground.

We are looking forward to many events as we conclude our year. The events listed below were explained in a letter to each family this week, but there's no harm in recapping the fun!

Our Kinders are going to ‘big school’ and are learning what being a Prep student is all about. The primary classes are involved in preparing for Christmas celebrations and some are beginning to create crafts that will adorn classrooms and walls.

What is coming up for our students in Primary at Werribee?

Please note all the below events are student only.

Year 6 Graduation: Monday the November 29th November. Our amazing Year 6 students will celebrate the culmination of their Primary years with a special fun day of activities, along with an assembly and a specially designed t-shirt for them to wear and keep.

Year 2 Science Incursion: Monday 29th November and Wednesday 1st December

Celebration Nights online: Prep – Year 2 on Tuesday 30th November & Year 3-6 on Thursday 2nd December

Prep Music Incursion: Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd December

Year Level Activity Days: Monday 6th & Wednesday 8th December. There will be various outdoor activities to finalise their year together!

Year 3-6 Assembly: Wednesday 8th December

Prep BMX Bike Show: Thursday 9th December. For our intrepid Preps, there will be a special BMX Bike Show that promotes resilience, persistence and overcoming obstacles - literally!

Prep-Year 2 Assembly: Friday 10th December

Christmas Fair: Friday 10th December. For our last student day of the year, all of our primary students will be participating in a special Christmas Fair and enjoying some outdoor festivities and treats!

As you can imagine, we are all looking forward to celebrating the conclusion of this extraordinary year together, with its many surprising twists and turns.

Through it all, we have seen our students rise to each occasion, bounce back and look forward with positive hope of the fun we can have learning and being in community. Thank you to everyone for working with us as we have traversed pathways that were unknown this year. We are thankful to each member of our Kinder to Year 6 student cohort, and the families each represents. May you know the Lord’s blessings in these final weeks of 2021.