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Heathdale Christian College
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Events & Competitions

Dale Cup Exchange

The annual Senior School Dale Cup Exchange is a weeklong sporting and cultural challenge between Heathdale and Tyndale Christian School in Salisbury East in Adelaide's northern suburbs.

Since its inception in 1993, competition has always been friendly, but fierce. Selected students participate in a range of sporting events such as athletics, basketball, cross country, football, netball, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, ten pin bowling and volleyball. There are also cultural events such as chess, debating, public speaking, general knowledge and theatre sports.

The hosting of the exchange is shared biannually between the two schools and many strong friendships are built and renewed and a lot of fun is had along the way.

Duke of Edinburgh

In conjunction with Awards Victoria, Heathdale invites students aged 14 to 18 to participate in ‘The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award’. Established in 1963, the concept is one of individual challenge. It presents to young people of all abilities, a balanced, non-competitive program of voluntary activities which encourage personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.

Participation in the Award is entirely voluntary and is structured so all participants can design their own unique program which is centred on their interests and passions.

There are three levels to The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Bronze for those 14 and over, Silver for those 15 and over and Gold for those 16 and over. Each of these levels consists of four mandatory sections Fitness (Physical Recreation), Skill, Volunteering (Service) and Adventurous Journey. At Gold level participants must undertake a fifth section, a Residential Project away from home.

For each section, the participant selects and undertakes an activity that fits in with the purpose of that section and meets the minimum time requirement specified. For example, a participant may choose running for the Fitness/Physical Recreation section, playing guitar for the Skill section, assisting with a youth or children’s for the Volunteering section and an orienteering expedition for the Adventurous Journey section.

Awards Victoria works with the participants, Heathdale and community organisations. Each organisation collaborates with Government, community, business and other educational bodies to support the participants through the different levels. Awards Victoria support this process by providing training and resources to create long-term, sustainable community partnerships.

To undertake The Duke of Edinburgh Award, participants are required to pay a fee to the State Award Office.

In two of the highlights of this competition are the College’s annual "Battle of the Bands" and "Choral Comp". “Battle of the Bands” takes place in August. “Choral Comp” is run during the very last week of school and is considered to be the climax of the entire academic year.

School Musicals

Heathdale Christian College runs a bi-annual school musical consisting of Middle School and Senior School students. During this time students have an opportunity to be a part of the cast, the musical band, the backstage crew or even helping with prop design or sound equipment.

Past performances have included ‘Pirates of Penzance’, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’, ‘Big River’, ‘High School Musical’ and ‘Sound of Music’.

Kool Skools Recording Project

Kool Skools is a state wide original song writing and recording competition which prides itself on providing an industry experience for school students.  Each school has two days to record twelve original songs, design cover art and even record a music video at one of the leading recording studios in Melbourne.

The school CD is distributed to industry professionals from around the country and each student has an opportunity to attend an "Aria" type awards ceremony at the end of the year.

Heathdale Christian College has been an integral part of the competition in the past, winning numerous awards during this time, and is dedicated to being a part of the competition for many years to come.

Tournament of Minds

Tournament of the Minds is a lateral thinking and creative problem solving event for teams of up to seven students, drawn from several year levels in both primary and secondary school.

Each team works on a challenging long term problem, drawn from a broad curriculum, including language, literature, mathematics, engineering, applied technology and social science.

The students work on this problem for five to six weeks and then present their solution to a select audience at Deakin University. They are also required to solve a spontaneous problem on the day of the competition.

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