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Heathdale Christian College
CRICOS Provider No. 00578B

Riding to School

Students are welcome to ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and scooters to the College.

During the day, bicycles must be kept in the Bicycle Cage and remain there until home time. The bicycle should be secured with padlock and chain. Skateboards, roller blades and scooters are to be left with the groundsman for storage and collected at home time.

Government approved helmets must be worn whilst riding to and from the College.

Students are not permitted to ride around the College ring road at any time.

Ride carefully to avoid injury to yourself or damage to the College property.

Always use the traffic lights when crossing Derrimut or Heaths Road, dismounting first before walking across.

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Bus Transport

At present the College has limited organised transport to our Werribee campus, with buses running to a number of surrounding suburbs:

  • Bus 1: Sunshine and Caroline Springs (am and pm)
  • Bus 2: Williamstown and Altona (am and pm)
  • Bus 3: Point Cook (am and pm)
  • Bus 4: Wyndham Vale (pm only)

If all the seats on the bus are booked by students living 4.8 km or more from the College, we will not be able to offer the service to those living closer. However, should there be seats available, students living closer than 4.8km may be allocated seats and charged a "short-trip" rate, as determined by the Business Manager. If seats are available, students who would like to travel only occasionally may still purchase a ticket from the Administration Office.

Buses are scheduled to arrive at the College at 8.20 am and depart at 3.40 pm.

For further information please contact our Bus Coordinator.

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Car Travel

Where parents wish to consider car pooling arrangements, the College is prepared to provide mutual introductions to parents of families who live in the same area.

Please be aware of road safety and the well-being of other children in parking/drop off areas.

Take care to always stop in designated areas when dropping off students and not in traffic areas, particularly in the front car park.

The Werribee Baptist Church has kindly allowed access to and from Heaths Road for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. You can park and accompany children to class.

Please never reverse your car for any distance other than to back into or out of a parking bay. Reversing is highly dangerous.

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Year 12 Car Policy

Year 12 students are only allowed to drive cars to school after they have registered the car and driver details with the College Principal.

Other students, including siblings, are not to travel with a Year 12 student driver until a written letter from their parents is lodged with the College Principal.

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