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Heathdale Christian College
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General Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are due for payment at the beginning of the year unless families choose the option of semester, monthly or fortnightly payments. Every attempt is made to keep fees to a moderate level, and as far as possible, to adjust them only at the beginning of each year.

If you have any queries about your account or need to update us regarding your circumstances please email us at

Not Included In Tuition Fees

  • Text Books and Stationery. Families with students in Prep to Year 4 please refer to the section on Junior School Levy. All other families should refer to their relevant book list for these costs.
  • Materials used in some elective subjects, such as Textiles and Home Economics.
  • Fund-raising activities.
  • Levies for VET subjects – these will be billed separately and are dependent on subjects chosen.
  • Uniforms.
  • General non-compulsory activities, such as overseas trip for Senior School students.
  • Camps for Year 5 and Year 7 students.
  • Kings College Exchange for Year 8 students and Tyndale Exchange for Senior School students.

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Paying your fees

You can choose from the following options for making payments:

  • Payment by Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / EFTPOS at the Cashier's Window
  • Payment by Cheque via the Post
  • Payment by Internet Funds Transfer - The Bank account details are on your Fee Statement (Reference please use your Family Code)
  • Payment by Direct Debit to Bank * / Credit Card * account (conditions apply). Download the request form here.

    • If you need to update your details for direct debit please complete this variation form and return to the accounts department.

If accounts are not paid within a timely manner, the College will instigate appropriate debt collection processes. Therefore, if you experience financial difficulty at any time during the year, please contact the accounts department to discuss mutually acceptable payment arrangements.

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Discounts applicable to Tuition Fees

Discounts are calculated on the tuition fees only. All other levies are to be paid in full. Sibling Discounts are automatically calculated and appear separately on your account.

In order to receive an early bird discount you need to pay for all compulsory levies at the time of payment as well. The early bird discount is applied after any sibling discount.

A 6% discount is granted if total fees are paid by the middle of February each year.

A 3% discount is granted if half the total fees are paid by the middle of February and the remainder by 30th June each year. This discount will not be applied until after both payments have been received.

Please note that any discounts received will correspond directly to the amount of fees charged for the year. In the event of student withdrawal from the College before the end of the school year, all discounts and fees will be recalculated on the pro-rata charges with the exception of the levies.

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Junior School Levy

The Junior School levy is charged annually per student in Prep to Year 4 and represents items and materials that are consumed by Junior School students during the year.

Please note that Middle and Senior School students must purchase their own stationery and other consumable materials and may choose to do so with the book list orders.

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Capital Debt Servicing Levy

Our buildings and infrastructure are funded in various ways. Two of those are the Building Fund and Bank Debt. In the past the College has borrowed from the Banks to fund the construction of new buildings.

The Capital Debt Servicing Levy (CDSL) is a flat $90 charge applicable to every student per annum. This contributes towards servicing the College’s Bank debt. 

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Annual Building Fund Gift

Parents are encouraged to make a voluntary tax deductible donation to the Heathdale Christian College Building Fund of at least $300 per year/per family. A charge will appear on your statement by way of reminder. If you do not wish to pay this levy please inform the accounts department in writing.

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Curriculum Support Levy

The Curriculum Support Levy (CSL) covers any extra activities and applies to all students. The CSL is chargeable at the beginning of the year and will appear on your first Annual Statement. The following items are deducted from the CSL:

  • Excursion costs - including fares, entrance fees and other related charges.
  • Compulsory sporting activities as part of the Physical Education curriculum.
  • Swimming lessons for Junior School students.
  • House activities.
  • Diaries.
  • Locker hire.
  • Fee Indemnity Insurance.
  • General compulsory activities.

The Curriculum Support Levy is based on an estimate of the cost of activities during the year. At the end of the year any balance left will be credited back to your fee account. If the student incurs more than the amount charged, the excess will be added to your fee account.

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Hours of service Program

All families will be charged monies at the beginning of the year in lieu of volunteer hours of service to the College. Families are invited to “work off” this levy by contributing to the life of the College. Parents/guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles and adult siblings can contribute to these hours.

Note that any volunteer will need a current Working with Children Card and have added Heathdale Christian College as an additional volunteer organisation. Refer to for further information.

Please use this form to keep track and complete each time you or another family member serves the college during the school year. The form must be submitted by 30th November for the credit to be recorded.

Prep to Year 12 Families

Prep to Year 12 families are charged $200 on their account. When you have completed 20 hours, please hand in your form to the Main Administration Office so that $200 can be credited to your account. Alternatively, you can keep the form and serve up to a further 10 hours, which would attract a further credit of $100.

Kindergarten Only Families

Kindergarten only families are charged $100 on their account. When you have completed 10 hours of service, please hand to the Main Administration Office so that $100 can be credited to your account. Alternatively, you can keep the form and serve up to a further five (5) hours, which would attract a further credit of $50.

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