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Heathdale Christian College
CRICOS Provider No. 00578B


The staffing policy of the College is to recruit teachers who are fully qualified and registered and who identify with the Christian foundations, ethos and practice of the College. They represent a variety of denominations, but are united in their appreciation of the value of their provision of a sound education taught from a Christian perspective.

In pursuit of the declared Aims of the College it is expected that children will reach high standards of work in an atmosphere of mutual encouragement, acceptance and care. Included with the academic curriculum will be Biblical instruction, Physical Education and Sport, Languages, Arts, Information Technology (IT) and a wide range of cultural activities.

Every opportunity will be taken to broaden students' appreciation of their place in the created world, and in the early years, to develop sound foundations for basic knowledge, skills and study habits. Our aims in education are not just restricted to equipping a child for a job, so students will be required to take a wide range of subjects until at least the end of Year 8.

Vocational guidance and career counselling will be available when required and students in Years 10, 11 and 12 especially will be encouraged to structure their study program accordingly. Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) are also available to Senior School students.

The program at Kindergarten is based on the Victorian Early Years Language and Development framework. Subjects that are included in the timetable in Junior School and the 'core' subjects in Middle and Senior Schools, are mainly those included in the Victorian Essential Learning Standard (VELS) and Australian National Curriculum.

The College believes that presenting this content and material in the context of the Christian philosophy, is the best way to prepare any child for Christian living as a young person and ultimately as an adult within the wider community, irrespective of occupation or vocation.

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