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Heathdale Christian College
CRICOS Provider No. 00578B

Junior School

Junior School incorporates the four year old students in our Kindergarten through to Year 4 at Werribee and Prep through to Year 6 at Melton.

As a Christian school, teachers in Junior School aim to incorporate and teach biblical principles and values in the daily program. Classroom programs are developed to enable students to be actively engaged in learning, building on knowledge and developing foundational skills for future learning.

Curriculum programs are based on the Australian Curriculum and are taught within a Christian framework.

Literacy and Numeracy are an integral part of our core curriculum. Students also have various specialist subjects such as Science, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Library and Technology.

Specific Learning Programs (SLP) include small groups for Literacy, Numeracy and EAL (English as Additional Language) and all operate to support our classroom programs.

In their physical education classes, junior school students spend the majority of the year learning fundamental motor skills. These skills are then expanded on with participation in different sports such as skipping, athletics, cricket, swimming and gymnastics.

Our Kindergarten, which is for four year old children, is a play-based program.

Special Learning Programs

Junior School students with learning difficulties are given various forms of assistance, depending on their needs. As an Independent School, we are permitted to apply for limited government assistance via the Independent Schools of Victoria (ISV). This may be State or Federal Government assistance, and in some cases both, and varies each year.

Parents of children with special needs are asked to provide professional reports from either a Paediatrician, an Educational Psychologist or a Speech Therapist, covering particular assessment criteria. These reports form the basis for an application and determine the level and type of funding required.

Whether children have been professionally diagnosed with a disability or are struggling in a certain area of the curriculum, they may receive small group tuition throughout the year, again depending on the need. Our Special Education Teacher works closely with classroom teachers to develop Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for students who require a modified curriculum within the classroom setting.

Our teachers are committed and dedicated to helping students achieve to their individual level of ability. We work closely with parents to ensure full support of their child’s learning programs through regular Program Support Group meetings, which are held as needed for those children on ILPs.

Our aim is to see all children learning and striving to achieve their potential within the Christian school setting.

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