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Heathdale Christian College
CRICOS Provider No. 00578B

Christian Life Studies

The purpose of Heathdale Christian College is to glorify God through Christ-centred education that helps children develop their God given potential. We aim to provide education which affirms the relevance of the Christian Gospel to each individual and to support parents in their responsibility for the spiritual development of their children, who may come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and seek obediently to serve Him.

Christian Life Studies (CLS) is a vital and compulsory area of the College curriculum for ALL year levels and is instrumental in achieving these goals. The vision of CLS is to provide students with a systematic instructional course of Biblical truth, which emphasises the story of God’s grace in redemptive history, as taught in the Scriptures, and the implications of this for the individual, the church and the contemporary world.

The three main emphases of CLS are Doctrine, Gospel and practice. In teaching these we also examine Christian living, heritage, missions, apologetics and Bible stories and character studies. We aim to equip students to meet the spiritual and philosophical demands of living in this post-modern society and to be able to articulate a Biblical worldview.

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