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Heathdale Christian College
CRICOS Provider No. 00578B

Statement of Faith and Values

As a Christian teaching and learning community, we subscribe to the following Statement of Faith and Values. We believe them to be Biblical values, in harmony with the College Theological Foundations, and seek to promote these values among our families and students by the teaching and conduct of the Board and Staff. With God’s help the Board and Staff should:

  1. Give first priority in life to the one true God revealed in the Bible as three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  2. Not worship material goods, popularity or power;
  3. Not use language that is blasphemous or unwholesome;
  4. Be just and fair in all dealings with other people;
  5. Not discriminate in relationships against others because of race, beliefs, gender, disability or values.
  6. Be willing to support families and to provide for family needs and to set apart time for God and relaxation;
  7. Honour parents and those set in authority over us;
  8. Respect the sanctity of life in all situations, love others as oneself and avoid actions, words or attitudes that will deliberately hurt others.  Be quick to forgive where offences have occurred.
  9. Respect the sanctity of marriage as a lifelong commitment;
  10. Live by the principle that sex occur only within a monogamous marriage.
  11. Respect the property and good name of others and not steal their property or corrupt their reputation;
  12. Abstain from gossip. Speak truthfully and not lie or spread false or distorted information about others.
  13. Abstain from greed, lust, pornography, gluttony, gambling, drunkenness and illegal and/or addictive substances.
  14. Handle disputes or grievances in a God honouring and Biblical manner.
  15. Not adhere to teaching or promote any beliefs contrary to the Bible, the Word of God.

The Statement of Faith and Values should be read in conjunction with the College Foundational Statements.

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