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Heathdale Christian College
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Our College Logo

The Logo was approved by the then Council during 1989. The leaf symbol was in use prior to this time and it was required to be incorporated into the new logo. The Logo was updated for printing purposes in 2003.

Within the oval ground there are three elements which remind us that the college is part of the total education of the child in cooperation with the home and the church.

The leaf within the oval is emblematic of the growing child sheltered within the protection of a caring environment.

The white ground suggests the light in which the plant grows. The source of this light is the revelation of God as found in the Bible.

The 'h' (for Heathdale) on the right forms a shape reminiscent of a stone tablet, a symbol of the revelation God gave to Moses. It also represents both a path leading through the darkness to the light and a door opening to give entrance into the light.

The lettering forms a lacework of interconnected forms, a reminder that we live in a community of mutual dependence.

The College colours are symbolic also:

  • Red is suggestive of the atonement and is thus appropriately surrounding the whole.
  • White is the colour of purity and holiness which is the goal of Christian living.
  • Blue is the colour of sovereignty and is a reminder that we are all, parents, teachers and students, subjects of Christ's royal authority.
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