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Heathdale Christian College
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Equal Opportunity Policies

Heathdale Christian College is a Christian teaching and learning community.

Foundational to the ethos, aims and objects of the College are:

  1. acceptance of the Lordship of Christ, and
  2. acceptance of the Bible as the revealed Word of God.

as these terms are defined in the College Statement of Faith and Values, a copy of which forms part of this Policy, and the College Theological Foundations.

In line with these underlying principles, the College aims to fulfil its Purpose Statement;

“To glorify God through Christ-centred education that helps children develop their God given potential”.

The College bases its teachings and beliefs on both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, which the College regards as the inspired and authoritative Word of God. These teachings are expounded in many of the College’s public and internal documents, both printed and on its website.

These documents reflect the College’s understanding of the values and conduct which staff members of the College, regardless of their role, are required to respect and maintain at all times and are to be understood as source documents, defining the College’s doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings

Consistent with the teaching of Christ, that both men and women are created ‘Imago Dei’ (in the image of God) and the doctrines, tenets, beliefs or teachings of the Christian religion, Heathdale Christian College seeks to model a community where the value of all people is upheld and their rights respected and supported.

Policy Statement

The College is an institution conducted in accordance with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Christian religion and the requirements of this Policy are included in good faith to avoid injury to the religious susceptibilities of adherents of the Christian faith.

It is an inherent, genuine occupational requirement that all staff members:

  1. Regularly and frequently attend a Christian Church.
  2. Regularly and frequently participate in and when required be able to lead and support student, staff and parent devotions and worship services held at the College.
  3. Be seen to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the doctrines, tenets and beliefs and in accordance with the Christian ethos and practices of the College, as contained and interpreted in these documents, thus providing a specifically Christian role model and example to all students and families associated with the College.
  4. Not act in a way that he/she knows, or ought reasonably to know, is contrary to the religious beliefs of the College.
  5. Refrain from any deliberate conduct which shall be incompatible with the intrinsic character of his/her position.

Acting contrary to these requirements is likely to cause injury to the religious susceptibilities of members of the College community who adhere to the College’s doctrines, beliefs and teachings.

Consistent with these doctrines, tenets and beliefs everybody is valued as image bearers of Christ. Heathdale Christian College will seek, subject to these doctrines, tenets and beliefs, not to discriminate unfairly or unjustly against any member or the College community or the wider public. In particular the College will not unfairly or unjustly discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, disability, employment activity, physical features, political activity or beliefs, age or caring responsibilities in relation to:

  1. determining, or in the course of determining, who should be offered employment;
  2. the terms or conditions on which employment is offered;
  3. the terms or conditions of employment;
  4. denying or limiting access to opportunities for promotion, transfer;
  5. training, or to other benefits connected with employment;
  6. dismissing an employee;
  7. refusing or failing to accept an application for admission as a student;
  8. the terms or conditions on which it offers to admit the person as a student;
  9. the terms or conditions on which it provides a student with training or education;
  10. denying or limiting access to a benefit provided by the College;
  11. expelling a student;
  12. refusing or failing to supply goods or perform services;
  13. the terms or conditions on which or the manner in which goods are supplied or services are performed; or
  14. subjecting an employee or student to other detriment.

Communication of Policy

The College will communicate this policy to the College community and appropriate members of the wider community including:

  1. any person who is offered employment with the College;
  2. on request, free of charge to:

    • employees of and contractors to the College to whom it relates or may relate; and
    • current students, parents/guardians of current students and prospective students or parents/guardians of prospective students.

Review of Policy

The College Board on the advice of the Principal will be responsible for the review of this policy on a regular basis.

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