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Heathdale Christian College
CRICOS Provider No. 00578B


Scripture indicates we all need to obey authority placed there for our good. This directive is to adults and children alike, but the people in authority are to act as people who need to give account to God for their actions.

Children similarly are called to obey their parents, and parents are called not to embitter or exasperate their children, refer to Colossians 3:20 to 21 and Ephesians 6:1 to 4.

Therefore parents, students and staff are expected to cooperate in:

  • supporting the teachers' leadership in the classroom; and
  • encouraging communication between parents and the College.

The College attitude to behaviour can be summarised as follows: 

Code of Conduct

Reverence Honour God
Honesty Tell the truth
Respect Follow instructions, respect and obey those in authority
Courtesy/Compassion Treat others in a way that I would like them to treat me
Diligence Seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom
Involvement Contribute to and uphold the good name of the College
Care Care for all property, including my own
Punctuality Be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment

Discipline is applied as required and according to the guidelines and policies of the College. As a last resort, and only after consultation involving parents, the Principal may exercise his rights to expel a student.

The College is concerned about individual students who may have emotional or other problems and will seek to help students overcome them. But the difficulties of one student will not be allowed to disrupt classes or threaten the welfare of other students.

Students have a right to know why rules and decisions are made and enforced. As they mature they will be encouraged to take part increasingly in activities involving the exercising of judgement, making decisions and taking responsibility for their own discipline.

In summary, the discipline within the College will be to provide education and pastoral care for students, to nurture in them a living Christian faith, and, by teaching and example, to prepare them to successfully handle what the future may hold.

Please read the Discipline Policy or request a hard copy from the College.


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